A Brief History of the Parish

The seed for St. Maurice’s parish began to sprout in 1963. At that time, since there was no Catholic Parish in Kindred, the area Catholics maintained memberships in a number of parishes, namely Leonard and Wild Rice. However, in the summers a priest would be assigned to aid migrant workers. So the people began to utilize his services–which in turn led some to decide the need for a Kindred parish.

A committee approached Rev. Maurice Mueller, then pastor of St. Benedict’s of Wild Rice, and asked his help in starting a Kindred parish. He agreed to help the people get official designation of the parish and he would serve the people as a mission of St. Benedict’s Parish. In gratitude to Fr. Mueller for his vital assistance, the parish was named St. Maurice, after Fr. Mueller’s patron saint.

For the first two years those committed parishioners attended mass in the city hall. The seed they had planted was beginning to send down roots. For two years the parish continued to grow and then in 1965 a new bloom appeared for the people. The Methodist Congregation was willing to share their building with us. On September 12, 1965, the first mass was offered in the Calvary Methodist Church. St. Maurice was incorporated into the Diocese of Fargo in July 1965. Since that time there have had 20 pastors and 12 associate priests and 2 Deacon's. We have grown from 15 families to 115. The seed that was planted years ago continues to grow and mature. We have celebrated the blossoms that we have been blest with and we have mourned the loss of other parts of our plant. But all in all, we continue to nourish, sustain, and enjoy together what those people of vision began. With the grace and love of God shining within us, where else can we go but up.

Dedication of the Fellowship Hall was held on April 23, 1995.

Dedication of the worship Center was held on February 13, 2000.

The parish house was added April 2015. 


(This history was originally printed in the 25th anniversary booklet published in 1990 with numbers updated yearly).