Maurice Parish Council consists of seven members - five elected from within the congregation, one representative from the Liturgy Committee, one representative from Faith Formation. The council meets the one Wednesday of each month to discuss and act upon the business of St. Maurice’s Church. Parishioners are encouraged to attend all meetings. St. Maurice’s annual meeting is scheduled for the last Sunday in presnt  yearly business.

Work Groups consist of all parish families assigned to four groups. These groups are responsible or planning and serving events which take place at the parish. These events may be funerals, parish potluck, celebrations for First communion, Confirmation, honoring graduates, etc.

The Raffle Committee organizes the annual fall raffle by obtaining prizes and by arranging for the printing and distribution of tickets to parishioners.

The Saint Joseph's Committee consists of volunteers from St. Maurice who are responsible for maintaining church property in proper working condition; i.e., snow removal, lawn care, repairs, and related matters. Any persons who are interested in building or landscaping are encouraged to become members.

The members of the Liturgy Committee are responsible for creating a worship atmosphere at St. Maurice’s. This is accomplished through the use of environmental art, seasonal decorations, and music. The committee oversees day-to-day liturgical needs as well as sacramental celebrations. New membership is welcomed.

The Fund Raising Committee consists of volunteers from St. Maurice who help organize various fund-raising events. Annual events scheduled include serving at Rollag the Friday before Labor Day and Labor Day, and the turkey dinner on the second Sunday in October. New events can be added as ideas are presented. Anyone with new ideas for fund-raising events and/or any persons who enjoy being on the organizational side of events are encouraged to join.

The Welcome Committee was originally formed to welcome new members into St. Maurice. They seek to encourage participation of active and inactive parishioners.